So I’m back, and as you may have noticed I did NOT overhaul the website like I said I would over the holidays. Instead, I decided “hey, wouldn’t it be a great idea if I rewrote the entire thing in a completely different time period and with a majorly tweaked story?”

So. Um. Yeah. I’m rewriting it. Set in 1807 this time. Focusing more on the friendship dynamics between Johann, Deirdre, Sylvia, Monty, Richard and Jean. It’s still the same basic story, but… most other things about it have changed.

But if you like my writing, and you’re invested in the characters, don’t worry! They’re staying! And you can stay, too! In fact, you should! This story is going to be a lot more Gothic novel-y, but the elements of cosmic horror elements and the whole angels/demons dynamic is staying, though it’s going to be much less overt. The largest change is the time period. The old chapters are also probably going to be taken down, but not immediately.

So, that’s my announcement. Thank you for reading!

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