Hello, and welcome to my website! This is a writing site, which formerly I used to host my web serial Pact, but changed dramatically when I decided to change the entire concept of that story. Now, it hosts three long-running stories, which I’ve only shared snippets of the actual writing of so far, but I share character info, art, occasional articles of what I discover in my research, etc. I also plan to share my short stories on here, which are often more sci fi and tend to vary wildly in content and subject. A short intro to each of the long-runners:

  • Leitner: a story about a group of people trying to raise the dead in Napoleonic England and accidently getting tangled in embezzling money from the government after the death of one of their friends.
  • The Well: a story that can best be summed up as “your stock Austen esque story about finding a husband in the Regency countryside but everyone is miserable 100% of the time and they’re all horrible people.”
  • Cypress: a story about a composer who is discovered to be a mass murderer and the student who takes up his mantel of harnessing a strange force to kill his romantic rival. It quickly gets out of hand. Set in Gilded Age Louisiana.

Click on one of the images I made below to get to the story’s page. Related articles etc will also be linked there.

Latest from the Blog

Name changes

Yoooo first post with the new design I feel like I should probably come up with some excuse for the fact that I said that I was going to change the website a bit and instead not only changed it entirely but also changed the whole story it was originally for, but… there isn’t really…


So I’m back, and as you may have noticed I did NOT overhaul the website like I said I would over the holidays. Instead, I decided “hey, wouldn’t it be a great idea if I rewrote the entire thing in a completely different time period and with a majorly tweaked story?” So. Um. Yeah. I’m…

The Things Without Faces introduction and drawing #2

The following is an ‘excerpt’ from an in-universe book Johann reads about the Things Without Faces, called Lordwood Signs. Introduction  The Things Without Faces are an ancient group of entities who have enormous power. They’re not quite gods, but they certainly aren’t mortals, and they’re not related to God or Satan. They’re more like gaps…

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